Cody WY Butcher Shop

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Welcome to Cody’s Finest Butcher Shop

Step into the heart of our community and experience the warmth of tradition at Cody’s Finest Butcher Shop, where quality meats meet genuine hospitality. Our processing plant (just outside of Cody) is the heartbeat of our operation, ensuring you get the finest cuts of beef, bison, elk, pork, lamb, and chicken.

Farm-to-Table Freshness:

At Legacy, we believe in bringing you the best nature has to offer. That’s why all our products are sourced directly from local ranchers, ensuring farm-to-table freshness that you can taste with every bite. Our commitment to quality means no added hormones, no antibiotics – just pure, all-natural goodness.

Rooted in Community

We’re more than just a butcher shop; we’re a community hub where stories are shared, friendships are formed, and families come together. Our roots run deep in Cody, and we take pride in supporting local ranchers, creating a sustainable ecosystem that benefits us all.

Crafted with Care

Each cut of meat at Cody’s is a testament to our passion for perfection. Our skilled butchers take pride in their craft, ensuring that every piece is expertly prepared to meet the highest standards. From tender steaks to succulent roasts, we’re here to elevate your culinary experience.

Straight from the Source

Our commitment to supporting local goes beyond words – it’s in every steak, chop, and drumstick. By choosing Legacy, you’re not just buying meat; you’re supporting local ranchers and contributing to the vibrancy of our community.

Why Choose Legacy?

  • All-natural, no added hormones, no antibiotics.
  • Locally sourced from trusted ranchers.
  • Expertly crafted cuts for unparalleled flavor.
  • A community-focused approach that makes you feel at home.

Come on down to Cody’s Finest Butcher Shop, where the welcome is warm, and the meat ready. We’re not just a store; we’re your friendly neighborhood butcher, ready to serve you the best in every cut. Taste the difference, embrace the tradition – Legacy is where quality meets community.

Meet Randy, Our Culinary Maestro! 

Discover the extraordinary at Cody’s Finest Butcher Shop with Randy, our charismatic and highly knowledgeable house butcher. With years of expertise, Randy is not just a butcher; he’s a culinary guide, sharing insights on beef, bison, elk, pork, lamb, and chicken. His friendly demeanor and passion for the craft make every visit a delightful experience, where you not only find the finest cuts but also gain valuable cooking tips. Join us at Legacy, where Randy’s expertise turns each interaction into a flavorful journey, connecting our community through the love of quality meat and shared culinary adventures.

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