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Welcome to Legacy, a culinary adventure dedicated to honoring Wyoming-based ranchers and the art of crafting exceptional burgers. Step into our establishment to embark on a delectable journey celebrating the passion and dedication of local ranchers who provide us with the finest, locally-sourced meat. Each burger masterpiece is carefully curated, reminiscent of a time when ranchers’ ingenuity and commitment to quality shone through. Our commitment to buying local meat not only supports our community but also ensures that every bite transports you to the vast and rugged landscapes of Wyoming, where the legacy of ranching flourishes. Indulge in the rich flavors and heartwarming stories that grace your plate, as we invite you to savor the taste of authenticity, one burger at a time.

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1001 Sheridan Ave, Cody, Wy
Mon – Sat 11am-7pm
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"Sink your teeth into the flavorful symphony of local dry-aged Angus beef, savoring the essence of the land with every juicy bite - no added hormones & no antibiotics. For, in the heart of this succulent delight, lies a story of sustenance and community, where the taste of home echoes through the ages."


Experience a culinary adventure like no other at our Cody, WY restaurant, where the symphony of flavors comes alive through our selection of locally sourced meats, masterfully crafted into gourmet burgers by our culinary artisans.


Heart Mountain Home

Indulge in the savory taste of home with our natural Angus Beef, cooked to perfection and topped with creamy cheddar cheese

Buffalo Bills Last Stand

Saddle up for a wild ride with our juicy bison burger, crispy bacon, and a generous drizzle of our signature buffalo sauce and tangy bleu cheese. It’s a flavor stampede that will have your taste buds hankerin’ for more. Join the rodeo and experience a burger worth the ride!

The Caldera

Savor explosive flavor as you bite into our juicy Angus burger, crowned with crispy onion rings and drenched in signature cowboy chili and melted cheddar cheese. For the bold, a touch of heat comes from our black truffle sauce. Brace yourself for a taste experience that will truly dazzle your palate!

The Hayden

Embark on a gourmet journey to Hayden Valley, where the buffalo roam. Our chefs have carefully crafted the perfect balance of flavors, starting with a juicy bison burger and topping it with crispy bacon, fiery jalapeños, and cheddar cheese melted to perfection, finished with our signature barbecue sauce. This burger is not only delicious, but a true representation of the beauty and wonder of Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley. Come and savor the moment with a taste of paradise that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

High Country Wapiti

Looking to add a taste of the high-country to your burger experience? Then elevate your burger game with our premium elk burger, topped with earthy mushrooms that perfectly complement the natural flavors of the elk, melted swiss cheese, and rich gravy to bring it all together.

The Smash Burger

Savor perfection with our Fresh Smash Burger—hand-smashed beef patty, aged cheddar and crisp veggies, in a toastedbun. Unforgettable taste in every bite.

The Big Kahuna

Unleash your taste buds with our creative and decadent burger creation. Our juicy angus burger is topped with fresh pineapple, provolone cheese, homemade teriyaki sauce, and deep-fried spam.

The Bucking Bronco

For those who crave the heat, saddle up for a wild ride with our natural angus beef paired with spicy pepperjack cheese and jalapeños that will leave your taste buds bucking.

The Jackalope

Step through the wardrobe and transport your taste buds to an otherworldly realm. Sink your teeth into our juicy natural angus burger topped with crispy bacon and melted cheddar cheese. The crispy onion rings add an almost mythical crunch, while the tangy barbecue sauce takes your palate on a magical journey. Catch a live jackalope buck and bring it in for free burgers for life.


House Fry Basket

Enjoy the simple yet delicious taste of our perfectly seasoned waffle fries.

Truffle Fries

Elevate your fry game with our indulgent truffle fries, coated in aromatic truffle oil and finished with a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese.

Chili Cheese Fries

Elevate your fry game with our indulgent truffle fries, coated in aromatic truffle oil and finished with a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese.


Our gourmet take on classic poutine features waffle fries smothered in Wisconsin cheese curds, rich brown gravy, and topped with fresh green onions.

Island Teriyaki Fries

Our classic waffle fries topped with delicious house-made teriyaki sauce and perfectly-cooked sirloin steak.

Side Salad

Add some greens to your meal with our refreshing salad, featuring crisp lettuce, fresh veggies, and your choice of dressing.

Cowboy Chili

Satisfy your craving for comfort food with a taste of our delicious, house-made cowboy chili.

Mac And Cheese

Creamy, velvety cheese sauce and perfectly baked golden crust, is the epitome of comfort food bliss.

Cole Slaw

Our legendary house-made coleslaw.

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Indulge in a diverse selection of libations at our establishment, where we proudly serve a range of options to suit every palate. From the crisp and refreshing notes of draft beer to the convenience of canned brews, our beer offerings are sure to delight enthusiasts. For wine connoisseurs, we present an enticing trio of choices – red, white, and rose wines – each carefully selected to enhance your dining experience. To explore our current selections and discover the perfect pairing for your occasion, visit us in-store and embark on a journey through our thoughtfully curated beverage offerings. Cheers to a tasteful adventure!

Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm
1001 Sheridan Ave, Cody, Wy 82414